Sappho bronze installation, Austin, TX

This piece was inspired by the life and work of Sappho (born c. 610 in Lesbos Greece and died c. 570)  and the choreography Sappho Suite by WordDance.

The beauty of the poetry and the dance possess simplicity of form, elegance and movement that resonates with the spirit.  These basic elements of aesthetic existed in the time of Sappho and live on through the work of contemporary artists.  It has been an honor to create this work in memory of a Carol Schweitzer who I did not have the opportunity to know but who appreciated these artistic qualities.


Like many works of art throughout history this work would not have been created without the support of patrons, designers and artisans. I would like to thank the following for working together to make this project possible and for giving me the opportunity to create this work.


John Schweitzer

Fern Santini and her staff at ABODE

Rachel Darnell and John Bygott at Darnell Fine Art

Art Castings of Colorado 

Ric Eighmy at Eighmy Studios

Randy Jewart at Austin Green Art

Claire McArdle 2010