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Sculpture requires equilibrium and balance. There is a critical point that I strive for in each piece I create. Through the process of working with my hands, tools, and materials, the physical merges with the transcendent state of the creative process…beyond time and space. The physical and spiritual harmonize. The work is complete, and I begin again….

– Claire McArdle 

About the Artist

Claire McArdle grew up in the Washington DC area where she began studying Art in high school. Her regular trips to the National museums at a young age exposed her to a wide variety of sculpture from around the world.  

After earning a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, she moved to Carrara, Italy in 1988 to work in the studios among the master Italian artisans, artigiani and learned centuries-old production techniques. She worked among international sculptors that have been drawn to the region rich in sculpture traditions who share a unique camaraderie. Continue Reading

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