Anima Mundi exhibit at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD 2013

Anima Mundi~ World Soul

This collection of work spans a period of ten years since I moved my studio out West on a working ranch.  This has enhanced my relationship with the land and animals and my awareness of the life and death cycles in nature.

Figurative sculptures in marble, travertine, bronze, terra cotta combined with an installation piece from my collection of bison bone represent visions from the my subconscious mind and dreams and create the framework for my story- my personal mythology The sculptures that I have chosen to create represent symbols that are deep within my psyche. These archetypes are universal and exist in prehistoric and contemporary mind and form the essence of Anima Mundi.

Vertebrate paleontology and archeology have linked us to our physical past. I have collected bones from the bison and horses from ranch life to incorporate with my figurative works to expand my story.   Mythology connects us to our collective consciousness through dreams, visions, art and archetypes.

The female torso represents the Prima Madre, the archetype of the Earth Mother, sacred and forgotten. The bison is a symbol of survival. The horse, a an historic partner to humanity and moving forward. The human figure, a seeker of truth, searching for  place in the universe and relationship to the cosmos.

These universal archetypes bridge the prehistoric and contemporary world in a symbolic form and connect me to Anima Mundi


bison bone installation