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Rites of Passage

Italian travertine

13″ x 10″ x 8″  plus 4 benches around the park


“Rites of Passage” carved from Italian travertine in Saturnus Studio with Riccardo Grazzi.  Each section was a solid 4.5 ton block quarried in Serre di Rapolano, Italy.  The figures represent the students and the mission and tradition of this historical Jesuit college.  The figures  are emerging from the arch which symbolizes the school and reflects the architectural element.  The arch is open at the top and the visitor can walk through the archway and look up to see the sky, the cosmos, symbolizing an open mind that is in line with the Jesuit tradition.  The viewer can stop and contemplate each of the three carved bas reliefs which represent, faith, transformation and sacrifice. This was a collaboration  with landscape architects, administration and patrons to integrate the site plan and sculpture into the overall redevelopment of the 300-acre campus into a pedestrian area and bicentennial garden.

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