Sappho, Austin, Texas 2010

Worked with ABODE design to create and fabricate a life size bronze for private residence.


Spring Hill College, Alabama, 2004, 2005

Designed and carved a monumental sculpture, "Rites of Passage" to represent the mission and tradition of this historical college. Worked with landscape architects, administration and patrons to integrate the site plan and sculpture into the overall redevelopment of the 300-acre campus into a pedestrian area and bicentennial garden.



Created this seven foot marble figure for private residence on Kiawah Island, SC.


Marian House, Baltimore , MD

Designed and carved four seven foot caryatids in Italian gray bardiglio marble for the facade of the Marian House complex. Worked with architects, engineers, and builders to incorporate the sculptures into the structure of the courtyard corridor.


The Holton-Arms School, Bethesda , MD

Created a monumental sculpture in marble for the 2001 Centennial Garden. Conducted workshops in dance/sculpture with students. Worked with landscape architect to design site.


Holy Trinity Church, Washington , DC

Created figurative works for the restoration of the historical chapel originally built in 1794. Project includes a 7ft. marble Madonna and Child, and 14 bas-relief Stations of the Cross in terra cotta. Worked with Design committee and Kerns Group Architects.


Saint Bede Church,Williamsburg , VA

Worked as sculptor and design consultant for the architect and Arts and Furnishings committee for a new 2,500 seat church designed by Kerns Group Architects. Carved an 8ft. marble Madonna and Child sculpture, altar, marble floor mosaic and 14 terra-cotta bas-relief Stations of the Cross.


 Holy Redeemer College, Washington , DC

Designed and carved a life-size figurative marble holy water font for the renovated chapel.